EchoSight transforms ordinary photographs into 3D-printed artwork that make memories come alive.
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This is a 3D EchoSight Photo Print held up to the light—not a 2D photograph!
One Amazing Transformation
EchoSight is a superior form of lithophane born from advances in 3D Printing Technology. Unlike standard photographs, EchoSight Photo Prints do not look the same from every angle. When lit from the front, EchoSight looks like a fine embossing. But when held up to the light, a crisp, high-resolution image appears. It's one amazing transformation that makes EchoSight unique.

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For Life's Everyday Occasions
Whether it's graduation, weddings, or birthdays, EchoSight Photo Prints make memories last. EchoSight looks great anywhere there is light—even through a kitchen window or patio door.

Have far away family? No problem. Send relatives EchoSight to hang in the window all year long. EchoSight makes great gifts for people of all ages.

It's All About Quality
EchoSight 3D printers produce the best lithophanes in the industry. Sixteen micron (16 µm, 0.00063 inch!) precision, creates clear and sharp contrast—even on the tinest of prints. Our patent pending algorithms that turn your image into an EchoSight Photo Print have been custom made to perfect printing speed and results of your photograph.
It Just Takes a Moment
Creating an EchoSight Photo Print is easy. Simply upload your photo, tell us what options you want, and hit print!

That's it!

Our complex algorithms will handle the rest. Your photo will be sent through our system, converted to a printable file, and built up, layer by layer, in a matter of minutes.